Deena Pierott: Diversity, Inclusion and Equity – Purpose Podcast 034

Deena Pierott Purpose Podcast quote: Listen to your dream team. Ask “What am I good at?” Listen to their thoughts and comments. That can help you shape your purpose.

My guest on this episode is Deena Pierott whose purpose is Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. She tells us about how she tapped into her purpose even as a little girl, and all the places it’s taken her since, and the impact it’s had on the world.

You can find out more about Deena here: is a Certified B CorporationAlso in this episode I share the news that is now a Certified B Corporation.

We’re in the business of helping businesses maximize impact (your bottom line is one kind of impact, but we’re talking about more than that; impact on your customers, your employees, your suppliers, your community at large and the environment). We became a B Corp both to be recognized for the work we’re already doing and to continually hold ourselves to a higher standard.

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