Purpose Podcast 005: Wayde Elliott – StoreIt – Making Room for More Living

Photo by Shari Phiel
Photo by Shari Phiel

Wayde Elliott’s StoreIt.com‘s purpose is: Making Room for More Living. Ted Sarvata interviews Wayde to explore this purpose.  Wayde explains how StoreIt is making room in your attic, your garage, your basement, your backyard, plus making room in your schedule, since you never have to visit the storage facility.  They also give you more mental room because you don’t have to remember what’s in storage and what’s in what box.  They handle the inventory process for you.

3 thoughts on “Purpose Podcast 005: Wayde Elliott – StoreIt – Making Room for More Living

  1. Ted, I usually ignore all the new social media (facebook, linkedin,twitter, etc) but I listened to your podcast on Storeit. A great idea. I have my own version. After Sally died I finally moved out of our ten room house to a three room apartment overlooking Lake Michigan. I didn’t store it. I got rid of it. Children and other relatives took some stuff. Then a house sale, rummage sale, Salvation Army, Goodwill, recycling, and trash took the rest. I feel liberated. Less is more. The Chicago Hostorical Society has many of my files. At age 81 I find that Getridofit is better than Storeit.
    I can’t believe it is nearly 20 year since you were at the Chicago Cluster Initiative. I have passed on much of the Chicago work of PP55 on to others. I am now chair of the board of AlumniCorps, the more inclusive name of PP55. One of my goals is to find a way to get many of you who are doing such interesting things in touch with one another. If we find the right platform the 1400 former fellows could know about the purpose padcast. When we find a staff person to work on this I will let you know. I am glad I stumbled on to your podcast. We’ll keep in touch. John

    1. Yes, decluttering can come in many forms. GetRidOfIt is awesome! We pass on toys and kids clothes to families with younger kids, for example. My neighbors across the street also have a “free bench” where people can leave things still in good shape that need a new home. StoreIt has a couple of other services that help as well. JunkIt and MoveIt. Part of their JunkIt service is an option for giving to Goodwill or another good cause.

      And, yes, 20 years ago next month is when I moved to Chicago for PP55 and the Chicago Cluster Initiative and then the work with Imagine Chicago. I’d love to have you as a guest on the podcast. I’ll email you.

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