Purpose Podcast 014 – Laura Mansfield: Brave Authentic Stories Shifting the Consciousness of the World

Laura-Mansfield-Purpose-Podcast-Quote.001Laura Mansfield’s PAGATIM is “Brave Authentic Stories Shifting the Consciousness of the World.”  Brave Authentic Stories is written on the outside of their building, it appears in their presentations, shows up in every conversation about the work itself, and is core to why a lot of the people are working at PAGATIM.

PAGATIM’s purpose is only one example of Laura’s deeper purpose: “Transforming Spaces.”  While PAGATIM is transforming the audio space, she’s also working on other transformations, such as the world of financing entrepreneurs.

Here are Laura’s last words in the interview (paraphrased):

We as CEOs have the opportunity to make the world a better place.  When we lose sight of that, that’s a huge mistake because we are in positions that can make a real impact.  Whether small, middle size or large business, we can change the world. I hope that we each hold that as we go through our day to day.  It’s easy to lose track in all the noise.

PAGATIM podcasts mentioned in this episode:

I’m also inspired by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and creator of Downtown Project, which I’ll write and talk more about at another time.  For more about me, please see TedSarvata.com

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