Purpose Podcast 008: Entrepreneurs as Joseph Campbell’s Heroes – Eric Williams – Codiligent

Eric Williams see entrepreneurs as heroes (in the Joseph Campbell sense) and the entrepreneurial community as making a real difference in humanity’s progress.  Eric’s company Codilligent (Codilligent.com) represents entrepreneurs when they sell their small and lower mid-market businesses to realize the value they’ve created through their efforts.  Eric provides the same kind of level of service larger companies have come to expect from investment banks, but which is rare for smaller businesses to receive.  You’ll want to get in touch with Eric far in advance of wanting or needing to sell, as any change you make needs to season for at least a year before a sale.  If you know you want to sell in 2 or 3 years, it will be well worth you while to have Eric do a full market analysis for you.  If you aren’t willing or able to make that investment, talk with him about his new quick analysis product.

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