This podcast is produced by TedSarvata.com

I’m your host for the Purpose Podcast, Ted Sarvata.

This podcast is designed for you, a successful executive in a mid-market, growing business, looking for more free time and purpose in your work and your life.

What we explore here is purpose, and vision more generally, as the jumping off point for having the kind of impact you want to have in your business, in your family and in the world.

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. — Japanese proverb

TedSarvata.com is a Certified B CorporationPurpose is not enough, of course, if our commitment is to impact.  What we need is purpose coupled with effective action.  This podcast will provide plenty of both, as connected as we can make them. As a demonstration of our commitment to impact, we pursued and earned a B Corporation Certification from B Lab.

A little about me:

I spent years in ineffective action, trying to achieve my purpose, which is love.  For many years I worked in non-profit organizations and government in Chicago, trying to make an impact, hoping to improve people’s lives to they could share more love with those around them.  I was unable to navigate the politics of these kinds of organizations and eventually spent most of my energy on other projects, projects which involved self-organized systems, online and off.  I joined an internet start-up and moved to Portland, OR.  I learned a lot about the impact growing businesses can have on the world.  When I lost my job there, I shifted my focus to gazelles, growing mid-market businesses.  I now advise, coach and consult with entrepreneurs to free them up to maximize their impact.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my spouse and business partner, Celeste, and our two kids, both 7 years old.