Purpose Podcast 018 – Diana Larsen: Creating Healthy Workplaces

DianaLarsenDiana Larsen’s purpose is to create healthy workplaces.  She says FutureWorks Consulting works with organizational leaders so that everyone at every level can say, “I love my work…this is the best job ever!

FutureWorks also uses what they call Simple Rules (what I tend to think of as Core Values, but I’m considering changing my terminology).  http://futureworksconsulting.com/who-we-are

  • Interpret others generously
  • Seek clarity and personal connection
  • Give and get reciprocal respect and mutual value
  • Create and support healthy workplaces at every opportunity
  • Discern the innovative and pragmatic to fit emergent work

Diana says that simple rules allow everyone to make decisions they know are aligned, without needing to check it out with a partner or the boss.  These rules enhance organizational efficiency, they remove waste.