Chris Kenny Interviews Me About My Why – Purpose Podcast 046

We turn the tables for this episode and Chris Kenny interviews me about my Why.

I feel most successful when I’m able to have a positive impact on the people I work with and the situations I’m involved with.

How I do that is that I lead with curiosity. I like to get a sense of what the situation is and understand how it came to be as it is. I ask a lot of questions and listen without judgement. I then try to discern what may be holding them back from achieving what they’re committed to. I then either tell them what I see or ask more questions so they can make their own assessments. I then explore what actions they can take to improve the situation.

Ultimately what I do is help entrepreneurs maximize their impact.

Purpose Podcast 020 — Isaac Tolpin: Choose Growth amplifies magnitude of mission for thought leaders

Isaac Tolpin Purpose Podcast QuoteIsaac Tolpin says Choose Growth amplifies magnitude of mission for thought leaders. “If you’re not really clear about your purpose, mission and culture, you’ll make decisions that appear be good for your business from a financial standpoint but long term are harmful for your business.”

“We’re not just writing a blog post or finding an image for a website, we’re making an impact for our partners. Speaking our purpose aloud regularly reminds us what we’re really here for.”

“When you’re a person of purpose, you’re attractive, calling business to you and making an impact. ”


Purpose Podcast 018 – Diana Larsen: Creating Healthy Workplaces

DianaLarsenDiana Larsen’s purpose is to create healthy workplaces.  She says FutureWorks Consulting works with organizational leaders so that everyone at every level can say, “I love my work…this is the best job ever!

FutureWorks also uses what they call Simple Rules (what I tend to think of as Core Values, but I’m considering changing my terminology).

  • Interpret others generously
  • Seek clarity and personal connection
  • Give and get reciprocal respect and mutual value
  • Create and support healthy workplaces at every opportunity
  • Discern the innovative and pragmatic to fit emergent work

Diana says that simple rules allow everyone to make decisions they know are aligned, without needing to check it out with a partner or the boss.  These rules enhance organizational efficiency, they remove waste.


Purpose Podcast 010: Doug Wick: To Discover, Inspire and Ignite Purpose and Passion

Doug-Wick-Purpose-Podcast-Quote.jpgDoug Wick’s purpose is “to discover, inspire and ignite purpose and passion.”  His company, Positioning Systems works with companies in a growth mode or wanting to move into a growth mode.  His purpose used to be longer, but while facing a life-threatening health challenge, he used the the business principles he teaches to get over that challenge, to the point of having daily huddles with his health care team.

Key takeaways from our interview:

  • Discipline matters.
  • Pay attention to key relationships in the good times.  Those are the people that will support you when you need it.
  • When you’ve nailed your purpose, you can use it as an affirmation, reading it daily to keep yourself on track, even on those days when the reading is rote and not inspiring.

Doug’s blog is  He’s also hosting the Cedar Rapids Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Workshop in Cedar Rapids, IA on November 12th.

If you’re in Portland and would like to schedule yourself for a coffee with me email

Purpose Podcast 002: What do we mean by purpose?

Episode 002 of the Purpose Podcast hosted by Ted Sarvata.

Today I focus on what I mean by purpose. See HBR Sept 1996 for Building Your Company’s Vision by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras.

  • Disney’s purpose is happiness.
  • Nike’s purpose is competition.
  • Starbucks’ purpose is escape.
  • Gazelles’ purpose is freedom.
  • My purpose is love (see episode 001 for more on this).

What is your purpose?