Chris Kenny Interviews Me About My Why – Purpose Podcast 046

We turn the tables for this episode and Chris Kenny interviews me about my Why.

I feel most successful when I’m able to have a positive impact on the people I work with and the situations I’m involved with.

How I do that is that I lead with curiosity. I like to get a sense of what the situation is and understand how it came to be as it is. I ask a lot of questions and listen without judgement. I then try to discern what may be holding them back from achieving what they’re committed to. I then either tell them what I see or ask more questions so they can make their own assessments. I then explore what actions they can take to improve the situation.

Ultimately what I do is help entrepreneurs maximize their impact.

Purpose Podcast 031 — Ryan Buchanan (eROI): Asking why drives us toward what we need rather than what we want

In the HBR article by Clayton Christensen How will you measure your life? (paywall) he asks, “How can I ensure that my relationship with my family proves to be en enduring source of happiness?” I talk about this question and the article to kick off this episode of the podcast.Ryan-Buchanan-Purpose-Podcast-Quote

Ryan Buchanan shared with me eROI’s purpose: Asking why drives us toward what we need rather than what we want.  Listen to the episode to find out why Ryan and the eROI team ask Why so much and what I think of that question.

Ryan tells us: “Growth for growth’s sake is not a real purpose.”

Ryan’s advice to entrepreneurs:

You’ve got to start somewhere. The beginning of next week, I encourage you to adopt some of the Rockefeller Habits, adopt the daily standup and in your first hour-long weekly meeting, discuss your values and your purpose. Start this Monday.