Purpose Podcast 026 — Dr. Mollie Marti: God help me encourage love, aliveness and service in others.


Dr. Mollie Marti told me “I’m here to help the children,” when I asked her about her purpose.  She then elaborated by sharing a daily prayer from her mentor, Judge Rosen: “God help me make a contribution to a just and peaceful world.”  Inspired by that prayer, Dr. Mollie crafted her own daily prayer: “God help me encourage love, aliveness and service in others.”  As we talked further, she told me her purpose is to “help adults find their own way to thrive and serve others.”

Dr. Mollie runs the Community Resiliency Project which was born of a community that lost 3 teenagers to suicide in a short time.  I asked her how a community can become more resilient and she shared the framework they use, called THRIVE.

  • T Trusted adults
  • H High expectations
  • R Resiliency building
  • I Involvement
  • V Vision
  • E Enrichment

A couple of other quotes from our interview that struck me:

  • “As you strengthen others, your strengthen yourself.”
  • “You matter.  We need you!”  This refers to a campaign they run with their young people.
  • “Your value lies not in status or title but in the roots of your character and depth of your compassion.”
  • “Allow the way to your great work to be guided by your service to others.”

In our interview, Dr. Molli referred to her annual theme.  Read more at her blog.

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