Purpose Podcast 033: Purpose of … #2

One Page Strategic PlanIn this episode we continue where we left off during Episode 13. On that show, we explored the purpose of a one-page strategic plan, core values, quarterly rocks, weekly executive team meeting and a dashboard. This time we cover the purpose of

  • Purpose
  • 3-5 year key thrusts/capabilities (priorities)
  • 1 year key initiatives (priorities)
  • critical number
  • daily huddle

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Purpose Podcast 013: Purpose of … #1

One Page Strategic PlanThis week we think about purpose differently.  What is the purpose of a one page strategic plan?  What is the purpose of core values?  What is the purpose of quarterly rocks (priorities)?  What is the purpose of your weekly executive team meeting?  What is the purpose of a dashboard?

For a full day with your executive team, come to a Mastering the Rockefeller Habits workshop in Portland, OR or Detroit, MI.  Find out more at TedSarvata.com