Purpose Podcast 012 – Savannah Mayfield is Being Savannah

Savannah MayfieldSavannah Mayfield’s purpose is “Being Savannah,” expressing the most true version of Savannah in the world.  In her work as a life coach, she has a perspective that purpose is more about being than doing, and that each of us has an innate purpose, to be our most authentic, gifted, loving self.  Our “right vocation” is then where we can show up as our most authentic self and get paid for it.

When she’s truly being Savannah, she experiences a particular state in her body, a sense of expansiveness, a sense of lovingness, access to compassion, access to positivity, the ability to see opportunity, etc.  When she’s in a less Savannah state, she might find herself more contracted, with fear inside, more limited, making decisions based on outside expectations or obligations, etc.

She has practices that support being in this most purposeful state, including mindfulness, being a conscious, aware person.  She tells us that listening to our inner wisdom can be very practical.  How can you see yourself tapping into more of who you are?

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Savannah’s Upcoming Event: Evolve Your Lifestyle Nov 7, 2013, Portland OR 6-9pm

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