Purpose Podcast 022 — Jackie Peterson: Every Small Business Financially Successful


Your Niche from Better Smarter Richer
Find Your Focus and Develop a Deep, Narrow Niche, from Jackie Peterson’s Better, Smarter, Richer

Jackie Peterson’s purpose is to have every small business be financially successful.  Her specific passion is solo entrepreneurs, specifically creatives (artists of all stripes, visual, performance, etc) and encore (retirees who launch solo businesses in their later years). Links from our interview with Jackie Peterson:

  • Jackie’s Better Smarter Richer training online at OpenSesame
  • BetterSmarterRicher.com – check out Jackie’s free ebook Better Smarter Richer and her study group in Portland, Oregon that starts January 7th

Links from my intro, about B Corps (Wikipedia)

See also: Jim Collins Hedgehog concept

Purpose Podcast 002: What do we mean by purpose?

Episode 002 of the Purpose Podcast hosted by Ted Sarvata.

Today I focus on what I mean by purpose. See HBR Sept 1996 for Building Your Company’s Vision by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras.

  • Disney’s purpose is happiness.
  • Nike’s purpose is competition.
  • Starbucks’ purpose is escape.
  • Gazelles’ purpose is freedom.
  • My purpose is love (see episode 001 for more on this).

What is your purpose?