Purpose Podcast 032 – Su Midghall: Making An Impact

I begin episode 032 talking about this HBR Ideacast episode: Are You the “Real You” in the Office? and this HBR article: Making Business Personal. This is some further research on the value of being yourself at work.Su-Midghall-Purpose-Podcast-Quote

I would encourage all business owners to do some exercise … [to identify your company’s top core value]. — Su Midghall

Su Midgall of DHM Research elaborated on her purpose of Making An Impact this way: Making sure the values of our community are accurately communicated to decision-makers in government, private businesses and non-profits. We take numbers and convert them into data that contributes to better decisions and better policies that impact our communities.

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Purpose Podcast 020 — Isaac Tolpin: Choose Growth amplifies magnitude of mission for thought leaders

Isaac Tolpin Purpose Podcast QuoteIsaac Tolpin says Choose Growth amplifies magnitude of mission for thought leaders. “If you’re not really clear about your purpose, mission and culture, you’ll make decisions that appear be good for your business from a financial standpoint but long term are harmful for your business.”

“We’re not just writing a blog post or finding an image for a website, we’re making an impact for our partners. Speaking our purpose aloud regularly reminds us what we’re really here for.”

“When you’re a person of purpose, you’re attractive, calling business to you and making an impact. ”