Purpose Podcast 024 — Ray King: A Domain Name For Everyone, That Matches Their Passion

Ray-King-Purpose-Podcast-Quote.001Dot Com has been the top dog in the world of internet addresses for many years.  That may be turned on it’s head in the next year or two as many, many new domain name extensions come into being.  Ray King is one of the entrepreneurs helping to shape what this newly-named internet will look like.

“Over the next year or two, people will get used to the new system [where hundreNew TLDs advertisedds of new domain name extensions such as .wiki, .ink, .dentist, .law, etc come into existence].”

“This will give pretty much everyone the chance to get a domain name that really matches their passion.”

“Now is a great time to think about your identity and your space on the internet and it’s going to be super exciting in the next couple of years.”