Purpose Podcast 010: Doug Wick: To Discover, Inspire and Ignite Purpose and Passion

Doug-Wick-Purpose-Podcast-Quote.jpgDoug Wick’s purpose is “to discover, inspire and ignite purpose and passion.”  His company, Positioning Systems works with companies in a growth mode or wanting to move into a growth mode.  His purpose used to be longer, but while facing a life-threatening health challenge, he used the the business principles he teaches to get over that challenge, to the point of having daily huddles with his health care team.

Key takeaways from our interview:

  • Discipline matters.
  • Pay attention to key relationships in the good times.  Those are the people that will support you when you need it.
  • When you’ve nailed your purpose, you can use it as an affirmation, reading it daily to keep yourself on track, even on those days when the reading is rote and not inspiring.

Doug’s blog is StrategicDiscipline.PositioningSystems.com.  He’s also hosting the Cedar Rapids Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Workshop in Cedar Rapids, IA on November 12th.

If you’re in Portland and would like to schedule yourself for a coffee with me email Ted@PurposePodcast.com